Ryan Partridge a Winner at Irwindale Event Center…Again!

Mooresville, NC (August 19, 2013) - After two long weeks away from the track, Ryan Partridge and the No. 48 LoanMart Racing team returned to Irwindale Event Center for a double header event.

Starting the evening in the Progressive Painting Super Truck (PPST), Partridge qualified in fifth and headed to the trophy dash race. Winning the trophy dash, Partridge then started on pole for the feature race. From pole position, Partridge held off his competitors en route to victory lane.

Jumping straight from his winning Truck race to his Lucas Oil Late Model, Partridge qualified in 7th, just missing a chance at the trophy dash. Unhappy with his qualifying effort, Ryan was determined to make a charge to the front as he focused on the points battle.

Taking the checkered flag in second, Ryan lengthens his points lead as he focuses on the championship at his home track.

“I can’t thank LoanMart Racing, my team, Steve Latina enough for all their support,” a jubilant Partridge said summing up his evening. “We’re focused of winning this championship in the Lucas Oil Late Model car and tonight really showed that we are fighters.”

Ryan Partridge Competes in Triple Header at Irwindale; Claiming Victory and Points Lead in the Lucas Oil Late Model Series

Mooresville, NC (July 8, 2013) - Celebrating the fourth of July at Irwindale Event Center, Ryan Partridge and the No. 48 LoanMart Racing team decided to run all three events featured on Saturday, July 6th.

Progressive Painting Race Trucks (PPRT) - Starting out the evening of racing at Irwindale Event Center, Ryan Partridge first raced in the PPRT 50 lap event.

After qualifying in third, the invert placed Partridge on the outside front row for the start of the race. Leading for most of the 50 laps, a lapped truck slowed his progress and allowed passing.

Taking the checkered flag in second was a victory in itself for the team, the truck was spewing smoke and oil in the remaining laps and was later diagnosed to have a failure in the fuel pump gasket.

Lucas Oil Late Model - After qualifying in second, the six car invert left Partridge starting in the fifth position for the Independence 50 main event.

At the drop of the green flag, the LoanMart Racing car was handling well and allowed Partridge to move up to third as the field passed through Turn 2. After a brief caution and restart, Ryan took the lead and was in command the remainder of the race. Taking the checkered flag, Partridge scored his second late model victory of the 2013 season.

“We’ve really hit on something for the long runs,” Partridge said of his setup for the event. “We were much stronger and the LoanMart Racing machine was bad fast!”

Looking at the points battle, Partridge is back in the lead but with only a two point margin.

Pick Your Part Skid Plate Car - After heading to victory lane in the Late Model car, Partridge headed to the skid plate race for a twist on his normal racing series. Competing with his brother Andy, Ryan said the skid plate race is “more about luck than anything.”

What is a skid plate race? Simply put, the rear wheels are removed and in its place is a steel plate.

Up next on the schedule, a return trip to Irwindale Event Center on July 20th to again compete with the Lucas Oil Late Model.

Partridge Welcomes Aboard LoanMart with a Visit to Victory Lane at Irwindale

Mooresville, NC (June 22, 2013) - Starting Saturday off in style, Ryan Partridge and the No. 48 PPL Motorsports team proudly welcomed LoanMart aboard the No. 48 for the remainder of the 2013 season. LoanMart will be featured on Partridge’s No. 48 Late Model car as well as the No.48 Truck. Competing the remainder of the season at Irwindale Event Center, the No. 48 PPL Motorsports team will also race at LoanMart Madera Speedway this season.

“We are excited to have LoanMart come on board for the remainder of the 2013 season,” Partridge said of his new sponsor. “We look forward to promoting LoanMart on both the No.48 Late Model car and the No.48 Truck.”

Heading into Saturday night’s race with an added boost of confidence, Ryan qualified in second position and would start in fifth place after the invert. Knowing that the team hit on something for the long runs, Partridge made his way to the front and stayed side-by-side with the leader for 10 laps until pulling out to the lead. Victory lane was the final destination of the evening for Partridge as he celebrated with the PPL Motorsports team.

“I am so happy our hard work paid off! We’ve been working hard to find a balance that works for the long runs and we found something that works,” Partridge said. “Thank you to my team, without them this is impossible. Most of all, thank you LoanMart, what a way to start our partnership!”

Up next on the schedule for the PPL Motorsports team, a double header at Irwindale Event Center on July 6th, Partridge will be competing in both the truck and late model events.

Partridge Brings Home a Third Place Finish at Bakersfield

Mooresville, NC (June 10, 2013) – Ryan Partridge hit the pavement this weekend at Bakersfield’s Kern County Raceway in Bakersfield, California for some Late Model racing. Their last visit to Kern County Raceway resulted in a DNF for the weekend and this weekend proved to be a better result for Partridge and the No. 48 PPL Motorsports team.

After practice on Friday night and some adjustments that were made to the car over their break, Ryan was confident he had a strong car for this weekend’s events. Saturday brought a huge heat wave to the track with temperatures topping 112 degrees during mid-day events. The most difficult part of the heat wave would be attempting to diagnose the car for conditions that were going to change drastically by nightfall.

Partridge was third quickest and qualified with a lap of 18.79. A six car trophy dash, with a full invert, was the highlight of their night as they were able to hold off David Mayhew and Eric Richardson for the win. The four car invert for the main event gave them the outside pole position. When the green flag dropped, Ryan was able to clear the leader by turn two on the outside and held onto to a four car length lead for about 15 laps.

The testing conditions did not account for the added heat and the car lost speed as the tire pressures “far surpassed our expectations.” Ryan finished third after a good side by side 10 lap battle with Richardson.

“All in all, I am happy with our finish, but it needs to be better next time,” Partridge said. “We are still learning about this new racetrack.”

Partridge and the 48 team are headed back to Irwindale Event Center for another race this coming weekend.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2013 season, please contact Scott Appell at scott@ryanpartridge.com or by calling (310) 613-7233.


Partridge Finds Redemption at Irwindale

Mooresville, NC (May 26, 2013) - Ryan Partridge and the PPL Motorsports team headed to Irwindale Event Center (IEC) with one thing on their minds – redemption! Their last visit to IEC with a DNF just three laps from the end and Partridge saw his victory slip away due to a hole in the pick-up line in the fuel cell.

After qualifying in fourth, the invert was set as 5, placing Ryan on the outside pole for the Armed Forces Appreciation Night. The pole sitter was able to take the initial lead into to turns one and two while Partridge kept at his side for about five laps. Taking the lead, Ryan was only able to pull out to half a car length lead. Taking the checkered flag, the margin of victory was slim but showed the No. 48 team that their hard work is paying off.

“I’d like to thank Steve Latina with PPL Motorsports and my entire crew, without them it couldn’t be done each and every week,” Partridge said. “We got the win here at IEC and have some notes on what we need to do to make our truck better; I am looking forward to our next race.”

Up next for the 48 team, a return to Bakerfield’s Kern County Raceway in two weeks in the late model.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2013 season, please contact Scott Appell at scott@ryanpartridge.com or by calling (310) 613-7233.


Late Race Contact Ends a Solid Run at Kern County Raceway

Mooresville, NC (May 21, 2013) -┬áNothing beats Saturday night racing at your local short track! That’s just what Ryan Partridge and the PPL Motorsports team say each week, this past weekend they journeyed to nearby Kern County Raceway in Bakersfield, CA for their grand opening race festivities.

The 20 car field took to the track after having little time to practice, starting in eighth Ryan struggled to find the groove on the new track. “It was a tough track to pass on,” Partridge said post race. “I like a challenge, I am not afraid of a challenge and this track was a challenge for us.”

Working his way up to fourth, the No. 48 was poised for a charge to the front in the remaining laps. As the 50 lap race came to a close, Ryan was in the front of the pack and battling to get to the lead. Contact with a lap car took him out on Lap 47 with a cut right valve stem, just three laps shy of the checkered flag.

This weekend Partridge returns to Irwindale Event Center (IEC) running the No. 48 Super Truck and looking for redemption after his last run that resulted in a fuel line issue. “We’re looking to finish where we left off at Irwindale, running strong and battling for the win!”

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2013 season, please contact Scott Appell at scott@ryanpartridge.com or by calling (310) 613-7233.