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It’s hard to imagine a five year-old in a racecar, but that is the age that Ryan Partridge began his racing career. Though that is not so unusual for the fast paced Partridge family. With his grandfather, Bernie Partridge, as the legendary announcer for the NHRA and his father also heavily involved in racing, it seemed more than fitting that Ryan Partridge would find a love in the sport as well. After seeing his older brother compete in Quarter Midgets, Ryan Partridge became enthralled with the sport and wasted no time getting out on the track himself.

Through the years:

Climbing into his own Quarter Midget, Ryan’s innate driving skills proved to be a force to be reckoned with. It only took two years to hone his abilities and at the age of 7, Ryan took home his first goliath-sized trophy as California’s 1995 Quarter Midget State Champion. This victory gave him the notoriety needed to get the opportunity to drive for Boomerang Racing through the rest of his Quarter Midget career. By the time Ryan reached the age of 14, he had over 200 wins to his name including many state and regional championships.

Taking the next indicated step after leaving Quarter Midgets, Ryan became heavily involved and successful in the Legend Car series. In 2005, he was given the opportunity to take his Legends career to the next level, and began racing in the Pro Division. This highly skilled and ferociously competitive class took him to tracks across California and Nevada, challenging him as a driver and teaching him even more about the world of racing. At the end of that 2005 Legend season, Ryan was not only a more experienced driver, he was also a California State Champion once more.

Leaving the world of Legend Cars behind, Ryan and his family scraped together enough money to buy an Auto Club Late Model racecar, giving him an entrance into yet another level of racing. Being an underfunded team, Ryan and his crew were able to grab a handful of 2nd place finishes, and remained competitive nonetheless. After the already limited funds ran out in 2006, the Partridges decided to sell their Late Model, and Ryan’s racing career began a brief hiatus.

2007: Ryan Partridge began working for Speed Wong LLC as a racecar mechanic. This opportunity also served to unexpectedly reignite his dormant racing career. Seeing his potential as a racecar driver, Speed Wong LLC gave Ryan Partridge the opportunity to drive for them in 3 different classes. He was once again dominant in Legend Cars and also proved his talent in the Auto Club Late Models and AC Delco Super Late Models series. The opportunity to be both racecar driver and racecar mechanic made Ryan a well-rounded asset to any race team.

2008: Ryan teamed-up with Steve Latina’s PPL Motorsports to be crew chief in the King Taco Super Truck series. On a whim, PPL Motorsports let Ryan jump into their King Taco Super Truck for a 6 lap trophy-dash race. Starting in last place, Ryan Partridge quickly passed all 5 cars in front of him, finishing in first place after only 6 laps. There could be no better first impression than that, and Ryan Partridge was invited to race in that series for PPL Motorsports the following season.

2009: This season proved to be another successful year for Ryan Partridge, with many wins in the King Taco Super Truck and the title of Rookie of the Year in that series. Clearly proving his talent and enduring work ethic on the track, Ryan was also given the opportunity to race for Eshleman Racing in the Lucas Oil Slick Mist Super Late Model series toward the end of the 2009 season. Though the success he saw in 2009 was much worked for and highly deserved, nothing could prepare Ryan for the monumental success he would encounter in the next race season.

2010: This year unexpectedly became a record-breaking season for Ryan and the two teams he was involved with. Racing simultaneously in two different classes brought Ryan out to Irwindale Speedway every weekend, often with 2 or 3 races scheduled in one night. The effort put in by both Ryan and his crews more than paid-off in the long run. Ryan was able to win an astonishing 10 races in a row (out of 14 races total) in the King Taco Super Truck series, securing him the track record for most consecutive wins in a season. This epic display of track dominance catapulted him to ultimately claim the title of 2010 King Taco Super Truck Champion.

Amidst this continuous wave of success Ryan was experiencing in the truck series, his success in the Lucas Oil Slick Mist Super Late Model series was gaining momentum. Along with a handful of wins in the 2010 Lucas Oil Slick Mist Super Late Model season, Ryan was able to set another track record for fastest qualifying time, a record that had previously been in place since 2005. This accomplishment was quickly surpassed when Ryan grabbed the win in the NASCAR Toyota All-Star Showdown in January of 2011. The Showdown is one of the biggest televised races on the West Coast, and is often referred to as the “Daytona 500 of short-track racing”.

It seemed as if every car Ryan Partridge jumped into he was able to put in victory lane. There is no greater feeling than seeing years of hard-work and unwavering dedication pay-off in spectacular ways and at the conclusion of the 2010 season Ryan saw his pay-off materialize not only in victory lane, but also in recognition and sponsorship. LA Racing Experience, a racing school housed at Irwindale Speedway, recognized the talent and tenacity in Ryan Partridge and offered him a full time position as a racecar driving instructor as well as full sponsorship for the upcoming 2011 season.

2011: With LA Racing behind him, Ryan Partridge teamed up with PPL Motorsports and Eshleman Racing once again to bring both the King Taco Super Truck and the Lucas Oil Slick Mist Super Late Model out to Irwindale Speedway every weekend to compete. Proving to be his usual dominant force on the race track, Ryan won a majority of the races in the King Taco Super Truck series in 2011, but battling chronic transmission problems the team finished out the season 2nd in points. Throughout the season, Ryan’s focus was not solely devoted to the King Taco Super Truck series, he was also focusing on the highly competitive Luca Oil Slick Mist Super Late Model series in which he also finished 2nd in points.

2012: While Ryan and his team were excitedly planning their 2012 race season, tragedy struck the Partridge home. Ryan’s father, John Partridge, who was undoubtedly his son’s biggest supporter and #1 fan, died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Unbeknownst to Ryan, John had been tirelessly trying to find him a ride in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West inaugural race at the Havasu 95 Speedway as late as the night before he passed away. It was only when the news got out about John’s tragic death, and the calls came flooding in, that Ryan discovered what his father was trying to do for him. John whole-heartedly believed that this was the next step for Ryan in his racing career and he would stop at nothing to see that his son was given the opportunity to continue his successful career. Just as it always does, the racing community came together to ensure that John’s final project was carried out and that Ryan and his team would make it to Havasu in only 1 day. New to the track, the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, and with no time to dial in a set-up, Ryan Partridge proved his talent once again with a top 10 finish.

2013: Signing with Mike Calinoff Management to being the season, Partridge started off the season with renewed hope and efforts supporting him. That effort paid off as he won the first race of the 2013 season and adding to the excitement was that the win took place at his home track of Irwindale Event Center. For more information on the 2013 season, click on the NEWS tab and for where Ryan is racing each week visit the SCHEDULE tab.